• “News” Program, just launched!!! In partnership with The Bangor Daily News

    We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest program, “Ink and Pine.”  This program is produced in partnership with The Bangor Daily News.  The focus of the program is Portland and Greater Portland area news, but plan on the topics covered to stray from that path on occasion.

    [audio http://media.blubrry.com/inkandpine/freezingprocess.net/mediafolder/inkandpineacafinal.mp3 ]


  • Two Part Series with Spose

    Two Part Series with Spose

    Recently, we recorded a special two part series with Spose. Part 1 was mainly about his album, “The Peter Sparker Mixtape.”  While Part 2 was mainly about his KickStarter campaign.  Part 2 is kind of a “must- listen” for anyone interested in doing a KickStarter campaign.

  • Our Newest Video Series !!

    Our Newest Video Series !!

    freezingprocess.net Live at The Studio” Has officially launched.  This video series, which is meant to highlight The Studio in Portland, Maine and it’s fantastic recording facilities, is also an extension of freezingprocess.net, a podcast about Maine music.  We were very lucky to have The Other Bones as our very first guest.  The Other Bones are a trio from Portland, Maine.  They can be described as “electronic R&B” and have also been described as “Adele meets The XX.”

  • Now available at BangorDailyNews.com

    Now available at BangorDailyNews.com


    All of the Maine Digital Press programs are now available on the Bangor Daily News website.  They can all be found at mainedigitalpress.bangordailynews.com


  • MaineDigitalPress- BETA

    In addition to our regularly produced programs, we also have several experimental programs that we are working on. We post most of the projects that we are working on. They can be found at beta.mainedigitalpress.com . In addition to posting experimental programs, this is also where we experiment with some web site design. Don’t be surprised if it looks different each time your visit.